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Are you ready to take your Internet presence to the next level?

These days, whether you’re looking for a job, selling a sensational product, or just trying to put your or your company’s name in the mouths of the masses, a professional, polished Internet presence is becoming more important by the minute. Everybody wants to know: What’s your URL? Do you have an app? How can we interface, hook up, connect, bridge the etherial gap between you and me?

That’s where Brian Workman comes in. That’s me. I’ve been spending recent years making web apps both public and private for people just like you. Many of these folks have seen a surge in popularity, capitalized on the increasingly important matter of Internet presence, and continued down their own road to success and freedom by contracting with me to see all their cyber dreams come to fruition.

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Why Me?

I’m easy to work with. I’m a simple kind of guy. I love making beautiful, performant, intuitive websites. I’m relatable. I understand your inherent needs — I’ve been there myself and worked with a number of others whose needs, like your own, are specific, focused, and special. I know the kinds of things people are looking for because I’ve been around long enough to have absorbed some of the latest trends like responsive, modern visual design and user experience, but still appreciate the fact that your data, your apps, your infrastructure are important enough to be backed by gold-standard security measures and protection from hackers.

I get it. Like you, I go day to day building my business with clients like you the same way you strive to build your own business. I appreciate the fact that we need each other for our continued mutual success. And to that end, I’m here for you to help ensure your investment is well-placed when you contract with me.

Let’s get started!

Fantastic! Just leave a little information on my form below so I know what you need and what you expect. From there, we’re free to explore the possibilities of productive collaboration to find a cost-effective way to fulfill your website needs.

With your logos, collateral, and even just basic design ideas, we can work together to weave a gorgeous cyber tapestry that you can proudly display. Whether you need a solution for e-commerce, a landing page of personal information, cutting-edge SEO, or any number of other requirements, remember Brian Workman: Your Web Developer.

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(740) 661-1411


Its usually easier to contact me by email I do my best to respond back within a couple of hours depending on the time. If you would like to ask about a quote fill out the form to the right and let me know what you need.