Page Speed and why it Matters

With internet speeds way past to dial up speeds of the early internet, why does speed matter? If it only takes a user seconds to download mb’s of data then why so much fuss. I remember when I was a teenager and it took sometimes hours to download a single MP3 file.  Nowadays you can download a whole album in a few seconds. If internet is so much faster then what is the point? Well in today’s internet users find your website on a wide variety of devices and connection speeds. Having a website up and running is just not

Finally made a Decision – WordPress

WordPress Wins After going back and forth between wordpress and custom php frameworks such as codeigniter I have decided to go with WordPress as my CMS. Its hard to pass up on all the SEO tools wordpress has to offer and the way they have excelled as a blogging platform. I currently work daily building custom wordpress themes so it only makes sense that build one for myself. If you’re not a coder but need to expand you website, wordpress has a ton of plugins that allow you to do just about anything. Clients I have worked with in the